Why is the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady waving the new cruise ship?

Why is the Virgin Voyages Scarlet Lady waving the new cruise ship?

She’s feisty, rude, at times serene, at others bruising, and most of all, she’s constantly having fun with the Scarlet Lady of Virgin.

In so many times, she’s uncanny and able to please and surprise; maybe she’s the first cruise ship in her lifetime to hug the seven seas with an onboard tattoo, body-piercing saloon, and a boxing ring and sex toy box.

It is preferable to be open-minded, joyful, and seek what you enjoy; it’s on the boat somewhere. Then relax in the experience.

It’s a more thought-provoking journey to his heart for the young.

It’s not an age we want to put on. Anyone who wants to try two (free) jabbed on this huge 17-deck cruising boat is invited.

About 2,700 sailors can be taken care of passengers may be found in many cabins and an effective supplement of 1,600 crew members, more than enough to assure at least once ‘Ahoy there is a honey sailor’ for everyone.


No matter what your state of mind is, Scarlet Lady will attract you to slumber one way or another. Each space has its energy that might transform your mood with clever decor, sound, mood, and music.

At the Restaurant Razzle Dazzle, you may experience a lot of excitation and fast-run music in the parts of the decisive games, thanks to its audible hard lines and block colors.


My Room 10174A has an improvised cabinet, a chair, a table, and several outlets to drive the complete device.

More than one double bed is comfy. There is also a little terrace with a red hammock.

The bathing room is more like a cabin. The rooms are decent enough with a bit of a blue box of sex toys and a bag of massage oils. The rooms are not sufficient. It’s a joy to speak.

Gins, chapters and vodka, luxury amenities, and stylish marble bathtubs are all provided in the completely equipped rooms.

Food & Beverage

Five outstanding must-book specialized restaurants provide Michelin chefs’ food. There are no fees, and each has a separate kitchen and decor.

In The Galley, on either side of Deck 15, there are another fifteen or so eateries. You may choose a topping taco, take sushi from one section, glide over to a pasta noodle bar, take some pizzas or get vegetables from the other section.

There’s plenty of sweets and, yes, Ice cream bar.


The unanticipated singers, magicians who blend, and other mini-concerts throughout the voyage are part of the surprise and delight of being on board.

There are also some good shows.

Romeo and Juliet, a modern “air-fighting circuses performance” inspired Dual Reality. The acrobatics and trapezoid are excellent examples of this moving store of affection.


Scarlet Lady’s a rock woman that is essentially fine-tuned. For some traditionalists, this might constitute sensory overcrowding. Four nights didn’t seem sufficient to me. I want more. I want more. I want more. I want more.

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