Top Tourist Attractions in the World

Top Tourist Attractions in the World

Travelers are always looking for the next place or location to explore. Choosing a travel destination can be overwhelming as there are many options. However, have you considered the top tourist attractions in the world? Taking a looking at these iconic sites may be the inspiration to guide your next adventure.

Below is our list of the top tourist attractions in the world:

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris

Your travel tales are incomplete if you haven’t visited the Eiffel Tower. This single iron structure is a symbol of Paris and has earned a reputation as one of the most photographed structures in the world.

The great city of Paris is also known for its rich history and culture. It attracts different categories of tourists, from couples looking for a getaway to romantics looking for a spark in their relationship and artists looking for inspiration to spark their creativity.

2. The Colosseum, Rome

The Colosseum has a rich history as the most prominent long-standing structure of the Roman Empire. It is also one of the main attractions in modern-day Rome.

The Colosseum is located in the heart of Rome, making it easily accessible. And if you have enough time, there are other places to explore in Italy.

3. Machu Picchu, Peru

If you are planning a trip to South America, you need to include a visit to Machu Picchu as part of your itinerary.

The setting of Machu Picchu is what makes it most attractive. It is located in the jungle-clad mountains of Peru. The view from the top is breathtaking.

4. The Acropolis, Athens

A visit to the Acropolis is an opportunity to go down memory lane. Walk along the same paths that ancients have stepped on from438 BC to 2,500 years.

The view over the city is breathtaking as you explore the revamped ancient buildings. A typical nightly ritual is to sit near on the stairs near the entrance and watch as the sun begins to set.

5. Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

The Colosseum and Acropolis no doubt give you a feel of the ancients, but the Pyramids of Giza take it up a notch. While the former was built over 2,000 years ago, these Pyramids have been in existence for more than 4,500 years now. Invariably, these structures have been tourist destinations for thousands of years.

6. Statue of Liberty, New York City

The Statue of Liberty stands out among the incredible sights and places to visit in America. It is symbolic as France presented it to the American people in 1896 as a symbol of freedom.

The best way to explore this attraction is to take a helicopter ride above her crown and enjoy the gorgeous view over New York City.

7. Taj Mahal, India

You can’t visit India and not see the Taj Mahal. The structure has been in existence since the 17th century and stands out from other tourist attractions in India.

The Mausoleum is known internationally as a symbol of love. The structures are meticulously designed and surrounded by beautiful gardens and a reflecting fool. The fine details all make the Taj Mahal worth visiting.

These tourist attractions are fit for all types of travelers. You are sure to draw some inspiration from these beautifully laid-out architectures. A visit to one of these places might be the spark you need at home, work, or in your relationship.

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