The Pro Hairstylist’s Tips and Tricks for Cutting Your Own Bangs

The Pro Hairstylist’s Tips and Tricks for Cutting Your Own Bangs

Last year was a crash course on what it means to be a beauty pro at home. We immediately realized that our interest in beauty knowledge skyrocketed when we attempted some DIY hair coloring and then learned how to remove our long-standing gel manicure (which we found difficult) and paint on fresh new nail art. 

Coming in at No. 2? Becoming adept at crafting our own bangs. When you work from home, you want your bangs to seem as neat as possible, as letting the hair sweep across your face is less than ideal for your morning Zoom conference.

Know how to trim your own hair

Learn Larry’s step-by-step approach to trimming your hair.

After you’ve soaked your hair, always separate off the remainder of your hair to ensure that it will be far away from where you want to cut. Work on the edge of your vision. The only thing you’ll be able to focus on is your bangs. The edge of your bangs often lies 2 inches away from your forehead and extends down to the side of your eyebrows.

If your eyebrows are any broader than that, you’re pulling hair away from the side of your face, which might cause your face to open up.

You should always leave your bangs longer than you want them to be.

Keeping as much length as possible while trimming your bangs is the goal. In that case, you may just leave it a half-inch longer. During the drying process, your hair will appear to be standing on end. For this reason, please wait until your hair is completely dry before trimming it.

In order to hold your bangs in place, you should use a comb.

Whenever you hold the part of hair you’re cutting, grasp it gently. While a comb does not retain as much tension as your fingers, you are still using your fingers to hold the hair, thus the hair is not going to bounce back up as much, so your measurements will be more precise.

Always cut vertically, not horizontally.

You have to make sure your scissors are cutting vertically before trimming your bangs. Crossing hairs should be avoided. To give the hair movement and have the fringe soften, cut it vertically. Start by cutting the center, and then move outward.

Do not use a straight line to connect points. Instead, use an arc.

When designing form, aim to create an arc rather than a straight line. The sides of your hair should be longer while the center is kept short.

If you have curly hair, how can you get rid of your bangs?

As your hair is damp, it tends to be straight, but when it dries, it tends to be curly. Trimming too much hair when it is curly might be difficult.

Before you begin, you need to determine your hair type. Hair that is wavy or curly must be left at least an inch longer while it is wet because it will leap up when it is dry.

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