The best way to boost summer sales in a pet business

The best way to boost summer sales in a pet business

The holiday season is a fantastic time to enhance sales, as many pet owners want to get presents for their furry family members and the pets of their friends and families. Businesses should prepare ahead and discover methods to get the vacation shopping experience to feel unique to optimize their sales.

Stephanie Davis, the owner of Mirage Pet Products, a Mount Vernon company, said organizing social media events is an excellent way for consumers to use the holidays.

“Pictures of Santa, good dog/naughty dog events, and the cutest elf competitions, all of which have attracted a lot of attention to stores,” Davis noted.

Denise Strong, Pawz On Main, Cottonwood, Arizona, claimed that she usually conducts a professional pet photo event immediately after Thanksgiving. A photographer gives his time, and Strong provides the room. The contribution price of $10, including one on-site photo, is paid by the participants with the opportunity to buy additional. The money is subsequently contributed to the rescue of local animals.

Strong noted that the day of the event is always great sales of Christmas gifts. The shop is already designed to make shoppers feel at home buying gifts. 

Huxley & Kent’s creator, Robin Kershner, a Washington, DC company, suggested several different methods to get customers into the mood of the holidays. She recommended that Christmas music be played, the lights sparkling in front or within the store, and added that the store should be framed with pine boughs and, of course, the windows stocked with items.

“Store displays can feature a ‘material of your stocking station,’ which has smaller storage things, and can provide a further service to personalize stored goods with the name of the pet,” said Kershner. “The store featuring pet-portrait ornaments, ready for the picture of their pet with Santa, may also be put to on a decorated Christmas tree. Customers prefer to buy pre-wrapped presents, so consider wrapping a few which may make a difference for buyers.”

A table to “build your stockings is important,” says Kim McCohan, Bend Pet Express Chef, who owns locations in Bend, Oregon. “With two different pricing points, we have a cat and dog area,” she added. “There is a fixed amount of products per stock/size, and we have a decent choice to correctly depict what your puppy or kitten likes to stock our clients. We put this table beside the registers so that people create their stocking while waiting to check out.”

Debbie Barr, senior ambassador at the Garner pet business of Just Dog People, NC, has claimed they appreciate Christmas tables. Just Dog People are going to have two tables to commemorate the month of October in Halloween. Three tables will be available for Christmas.

“Even if we end up selling seasonal things, we decorate with the toys every day and put them on our themes tables,” Barr says.

Barr remarked that the birthday table is one table that stays year-round.

“Who won’t celebrate the big day of their pup?” she said. ‘We are celebrating both Bubba Rose, Lazy Dog, and a new Puppy Cake treat that combines ice cream and several cake flavors.’

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