Should you visit the Cyclades in Greece?

Should you visit the Cyclades in Greece?

If the Greek-owned Cyclades had a bird’s eye perspective, it looks like a fascinating mosaic of 20 tufts of green soil floating in the Aegean Sea. The geological processes that took place millions of years ago are astounding formations.

Poseidon, the sea god, is so upset with the behavior of the Cyclades nymphs that it has transformed them into islands, according to Greek mythology.

The Cyclades — meaning the Sacred Islands near Delos — may be constructed to create a place of spirituality by their beauty and bright light.

They’re at their best in May and are still beautiful throughout summer.

The rough, untamed volcanic landscape has remained over the years, whitewashed with the Cycladic sugar-coated buildings, which appear magnificent against a deep blue sea bordered by black or vegetable background.

Six suggestions of places to visit are provided here.

Some claim that Santorini is the worst and most famous island in this Egean archipelago. You know, the one with the rock top blue dome church that stands out in a white and sparkling building that seems blissful in the blue sky of the seas. Everyone has seen this classic photograph.

Cruise ships dock there, weddings take place for dramatic photographs, and vacationers are practically clambering over the castle walls, sure of the most incredible sunset views.

There are the beaches, made of pebbles at Kamari, and black sand at Perissa and Karterados, with jagged cliffs above them and a glossy light which is typical of the Cyclades.

Fira and Oia are characteristic hillside cities, with occasionally steep steps and twisted streets, making for a lovely afternoon of exploring the sights. The nights are lively and vibrant, with dining rooms and alfresco eating in the pleasant night air, and there are several restaurants on the roof terraces.

It’s all about relaxed refinement on this island. Angelina Jolie spent a month there alone after filming her second Tomb Raider movie.

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