Pawscout Review: Testing the ‘Intelligent Pet Tag’

Pawscout Review: Testing the ‘Intelligent Pet Tag’

Your most considerable dread, as an animal parent, is to lose your animal. This is a genuine worry, regrettably. Unfortunately, every year around 10 million animals are missing. Your pet can slip through a hole in the fence, run through the front door, or break from the leash, even when you are attentive. Time is of most tremendous significance when a pet becomes lost. The longer they go unfound, the further they may walk away from the house, and the more possibilities that an automobile hits them or they come into contact with a predator, such as a coyote or a bear. 

Luckily, a pet tag like Pawscout that enables Bluetooth can assist. This device synchronizes with an app and records your pet’s position, and lists a whole group of pet owners to assist you in tracking your missing animal. Instead of relying on a bit of opportunity for anyone to respond to your lost pet poster, you may benefit from a community of individuals who keep a check on your pet in real-time. 


Why are animal identification tags so important? 

You can enhance the chances that your pet gets back home safely when lost if it wears a conventional collar with customized ID tags and a microchip. Still, Identification Tags only allow others to call you when they discover your animal if your animal comes near a stranger and is not on the move. Microchipping may be a terrific method to identify a pet as it is implanted beneath your pet’s skin and cannot come off like a collar. However, it only works by registering the microchip and finding a chip scanning facility for your pet. Bluetooth-enabled pet ID tags allow you to locate your pet on your smartphone for an additional protective layer that can help alleviate these deficiencies. 


While some abandoned animals land in shelters without identification, many walk the streets alone. If she doesn’t have an ID tag, finding your lost pet is considerably more complicated. Data reveal that only 15% of dogs and 2% of cats landing in shelters without microchips or ID tags get back to their owners again. 

What Is Pawscout?

The “smarter pet tag” is a communal pet tracker, Pawscout. It is a Bluetooth-enabled Pet ID tag that syncs up to the free application of the brand and uses a connected pet lover community to find lost animals. It utilizes short-range, radar-style tracking by neighboring users. You also may use the app to log walks, put a virtual animal leash outdoors, build digital missing animal leaflets for every lost pet you locate, and more. 

When most animals break out, the firm observes that they do not initially go very far. This is why Pawscout assists you in tracking your pet, enabling you to unite your surrounding community. The company states that over 13,000 animals have been saved since its foundation.

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