Keeping Your Dog At Home

Keeping Your Dog At Home

When a puppy comes into the home, it is expected to stay with you in the home or outdoors. However, there are several instances where a door is left open, a leash breaks, or the dog finds a way to escape and run freely in the outdoors.  If you can’t find your loyal companion, you will want to know what steps to take to get them back.  There are specific steps that you can take to prevent losing your dog.  You can combine this with ways to find your dog after they have stepped outside and into the unknown, allowing for a safe return of your friend.

The first step to take with your puppy is to prepare for their safe stay at home.  You will want to license your dog and register them in your local community.  If someone does find them, they will find a dog tag with the information needed to return them to your home.  This will also help you to put a call out to the community with the required information that is placed during registration.  For dog owners, this essential step should be done as soon as your puppy comes home, allowing you to find your dog if something happens and they become lost.

The registration and license for your dog are followed by steps you can take in your home, so your dog doesn’t get out.  If they are outside, make sure that they are fenced in securely, so they don’t get out.  If this is not possible, you can get a leash that they stay on so they don’t run away.  You will want to watch them outside or have a specific setup to ensure they don’t get hurt on the leash.  If they are inside, you can place items in front of the door to stop them from getting outside, especially if they are a puppy. This will help you to maintain boundaries for your dog.

There are also ways that you can add to this that ensure the safe return of your dog if they do become lost.  Many owners put microchips or tattoos on their dogs to be tracked if lost.  These are known as non – invasive, easy-to-use options that track your dog and ensure that running away does not mean staying away.  You will want to check with your vet and others in the community for a safe and effective option for your dog, specifically to help you define a simple and easy way to ensure the safe return of your loyal companion.

If your puppy has decided to take a running trip across town, then you will want to find an easy and fast way to welcome them back home.  There are steps that you can take to prevent them from running or getting out of the house.  However, if they still get out, you can take specific steps to help find your dog and get them to come back home.  Knowing how to call them back or work with others to see your puppy allows you to keep them safe and within their territory.

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