How To Apply Foundation – The Pro Method To Achieve A Flawless Base

How To Apply Foundation – The Pro Method To Achieve A Flawless Base

Even on bad skin days, women should only use foundation as a last resort to obtain flawless skin. No matter what foundation formula and color you choose, you’ll still want high-quality tools and a tried-and-true application technique.

As a result, the degree of coverage and finish provided by each application technique varies. If you’d want to enhance your base game, keep reading to discover how to apply foundation correctly.

To get started, decide which formula is appropriate for your needs. Depending on your skin type, you may choose a liquid, powder, or cream product. Several formulas respond better than others to specific application methods. For the perfect foundation, you’ll need a combination of a great recipe and the right tools.

Liquid foundation formulas may be made or broken by the tools you use. Makeup artists agree that sponges outperform brushes in this formulation. Cream and gel foundation may also be applied using the sponge. Using a beauty sponge offers you a more natural-looking complexion while also allowing you to build up coverage. Your actions have a direct correlation to the outcome.

Apply liquid foundation with a foundation brush, your fingertips, or a  flat-top kabuki brush. It all comes down to personal taste and how much coverage you want.

Make a fresh start by beginning with a clean face. When you’re through washing your face, use a toner, then a light moisturizer like a lotion or cream. Before using your primer, let your skin absorb your moisturizer for a few minutes.

Use a wet sponge or a spray bottle filled with a cosmetic setting spray to apply your makeup. Applying your makeup is simple. After that, dab some foundation onto your palm and incorporate it into your makeup. Use the broader end of your beauty sponge to scoop up a little quantity of the product and apply it to the center of your face, blending it well. Using stippling or bouncing is the fastest and most convenient method to accomplish this.

Even if you don’t use a primer every day, on a busy or warm day, it may actually help keep your makeup in place. Maulawizada says that a good primer helps your makeup seem uniform over your entire face. The makeup won’t vanish or set on the skin’s dry parts, and it won’t split into oily spots like the T-zone because of this. He warms up primer with his palms much as he does with moisturizer. Instead of rubbing it in, he pats it all over the face where the makeup will be done.

CIATÉ LONDON’s moisturizing primer is an excellent choice. Watermelon Burst Hydrating Primer doubles as a moisturizer and a beauty base all in one product. Use a moisturizer first, then put on the primer if you have dry skin. Even those with oily skin will benefit from the primer’s moisture. Hydration is locked in with watermelon extract, which is high in vitamin C and antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid.

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