I grew up in western North Dakota, when I was younger I spent all my time outside. I would enjoy swimming, fishing, bike riding, roller skating, ice skating and spending time with friends. I would go to my grandpa’s farm, I would help him with the garden or with whatever he needed help with. There wasn’t any electricity there which made things interesting. I would also stay at my uncle’s farm in the summertime, my cousin and I would have to be up early to get the cow’s for milking, they got milked twice a day 7 days a week.  We started out with mini bikes and as we got older we eventually were driving 500cc dirt bikes. I bought mine in 1980 and it is still running to this day, I live close to the Badlands where my friends and I would go motorcycle riding, hunting and fishing. I don’t get out in nature as much as I would like but I do it when I can.

This is why I started this website to share some interests with you, have a great life and enjoy!

The Healthy Outdoors